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There are quite a few ways an IRA can work for you, so consider all of your options.

An individual retirement account (IRA) can be a tax-advantaged way to invest for retirement.  It can serve as your primary means of investing for retirement, or you may be able to open one in addition to your employer's plan.  When you have a retirement account with a former employer, sometimes it can make sense to roll your assets into an IRA to give you a bit more freedom.

IRA Comparison Chart

Which IRA option best fits you?

The two types of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) available to help you save for retirement are traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs.

There are certain income and other eligibility limitations that may impact you.  It is important to review this information before making a decision.

Please click on the IRA Comparison Chart link above to review this information, and compare traditional versus Roth IRAs.

Introducing Transamerica ALPHA ... a digital, managed, fee-based investment account.  It puts technology at your fingertips to help you understand your financial picture as it manages your investments in a customized, globally diversified portfolio.  You also have access to a TFA Investment Advisor Representative, professional money management, and a host of online tools designed to monitor and manage your investments.  You only need a minimum of $10 to open a Transamerica ALPHA account, then the program’s goal-based investment algorithm enables you to assess if you’re on track to meet your goals.  Plus, you can access your account any time when you’re on the go on your smartphone or mobile device.

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